NFTA Transporter

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Stay Safe on Ice - Walk Like a Penguin!

Metro's James Morrell supports Mike & Kara
in Walk Like a Penguin initiative! 
During the aftermath of Buffalo's recent snow storm that delivered heavy snow and biting temperatures dipping as low as -20 degrees, Kara Jeziorski of the NFTA's safety division, with the help of Mike Moore (aka friendly penguin mascot), were in the lobby of NFTA headquarters reminding employees to navigate the icy roads and slippery conditions by "walking like a penguin." 

You may ask how exactly does one walk like a penguin?  Well, it's easy - point your feet out and bend forward slightly with your arms loosely extended and move SLOWLY.  All of these elements help support your center of gravity and keep your body steady when walking along ice-covered and slushy areas.  However, it doesn't stop there, remember to wear boots or shoes with traction and take special care when entering and exiting vehicles.  

And, most importantly if you do not need to go out in blizzard-like conditions, stay inside where it's warm and comfortable until conditions improve!