NFTA Transporter

Friday, January 11, 2019

Three is Key for Metro Operator Shirley Garwol

Shirley Garwol is the newest representative of the NFTA-HSEQ's Pit Crew Campaign where she features the importance of 3-points of contact for Metro passenger safety.  Simply put, "3-points" means always having one foot and two hands (or one hand and two feet) in contact while riding Metro vehicles. This campaign also highlights the importance of accessing handrails when using stairs, taking it slow, wearing slip resistant footwear when possible, and looking ahead for slippery surfaces.

Shirley is a dedicated operator of 26 years with an excellent safety record at Metro's Cold Spring station.  Prior to becoming an operator, Shirley held temporary roles as receptionist at the downtown bus terminal and toll booth clerk at the boat harbor, previously owned by the NFTA, bringing her time of service technically to 29 years.

Shirley says she loves working for Metro and enjoys serving the local riding community.  Each day offers opportunities to see riders she knows, meet new people and help them all get where they need to go.

Way to go Shirley, thanks for showing us how to stay safe while riding Metro bus and rail.