NFTA Transporter

Friday, November 16, 2018

Christine Farrow graduates from PTLI

Christine Farrow, NFTA's Equal Employer Opportunity Manager, has added yet another achievement to her list.  She is a proud graduate of the New York State's Public Transit Leadership Institute, which provides a year-long program devoted to mid-to senior-level managers aspiring to serve in an executive leadership role. 

PTLI provides a first-hand look at the role of a transit executive under the mentorship of Bill Carpenter, Chief Executive Officer of Rochester Transit Authority.  While working with Bill and his team, Christine had the opportunity to enhance her knowledge in the areas of crisis management, Board and labor relations, leadership, and advocacy to name a few. 

“Participation in this program has provided me with a wealth of knowledge enabling me to better assist our employees at the NFTA and the local community we serve.  Through PTLI, I have been able to incorporate my experience as a diversity and inclusion professional and assist others in coordinating progressive meetings and training sessions. This truly was an amazing program, and I am grateful to Kim Minkel and Tom George for recommending me,” said Christine.

While in the program, Christine volunteered to help coordinate the key diversity speaker for NYPTA's 2018 fall conference and served as moderator for the leadership track session, Inclusion and Equality: Driving from Awareness to Action.

Way to go Christine - congratulations on your great achievements!