NFTA Transporter

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Festival-goers get a 'Taste' of Metro

NFTA Metro Bus and outreach display in Niagara Square.

NFTA-Metro participated in the Taste of Buffalo on July 7- 8, with staff on hand to talk with festival-goers about the benefits of using public transit.  At its site, Metro had one of its full size 40-foot buses, which operates on compressed natural gas. Festival attendees had the opportunity to enter their names for a chance to win a free Metro Monthly Pass for August; six winners were chosen out of over 700 entries. Token giveaways were also available for those boarding the bus and learning about Metro’s services.

Ultimately, the goal was to expand awareness of Metro’s services within the community and help develop choice ridership.  Visitors had a blast taking photos with the Metro “selfie frame” and the amazing, full-scale, interactive system map, laid out in front of the bus, featuring all of the restaurants in attendance and how Metro can help get you to them.  Those boarding the Metro Bus listened to ‘Metro Radio,’ a customized music loop featuring attention-grabbing informational messages about Metro services.

The Taste of Buffalo, presented by Tops, is considered one of the largest food festivals in the nation and hosts an estimated 450,000 attendees annual. Its overall mission is in strong alignment with that of our own - in supporting our local community with great places to go and a safe and convenient way to get there.

The outreach was well-received and we are already looking forward to next year’s festivities!