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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Reddy Bikeshare Expands to NFTA-Metro's LaSalle Rail Station

James Morrell with Jennifer White
and biking enthusiast 
On a glorious sunny morning in Buffalo, Reddy Bikeshare, in conjunction with Independent Health, unveiled its newest bike hub that is located right outside of NFTA Metro's LaSalle Rail Station and at the Southern Terminus of the region's first urban rail trail.

Reddy Bikeshare is a Buffalo-based non profit organization that works with other organizations to advance innovative transportation services that focus on shared mobility.  Using cutting-edge technology and best practices, shared mobility systems serve smaller and sometimes more challenging markets.  In these areas, having easy bike availability is often a great option for public transit users and individuals looking for other alternative and clean-air options of travel. 

"For National Bike Month this year, we want to make it as simple and affordable as possible for people interested in becoming more involved in biking, and to try out a Reddy Bike," said Jennifer White, Marketing and Communications Executive for Reddy Bikeshare.  "For only $1, members can have access to all 200 bikes, 24/7 for 30 days, and at the end of that rail period, they will have an opportunity to upgrade to an annual membership."
Bike Trail

With this new location, Reddy Bikeshare riders can easily hop off the Metro Rail and onto a Reddy Bike for a car-free cruise along the recently completed 5-mile North Buffalo and Tonawanda Rail Trail, which is supported by the University Heights Collaborative as well the Business Association.  This new hub is Reddybike's 39th station in the City of Buffalo. 

"We are excited and pleased to have the new Reddy Bike hub located adjacent to Metro Rail's LaSalle Station.  Enhanced connectivity between our bus and rail network and bikesharing offers a cost-effective and sustainable strategy to bolster public transit usage and get more individuals biking in our community."   

Reddy Bike also has a station located outside of the NFTA headquarters at 181 Ellicott Street in downtown Buffalo.