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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Metro's Railcars Continue to be Rebuilt

Refurbished Railcar
Exciting news - the last of 27 of Metro's rail cars has shipped out to Hitachi Rail U.S.A, in Dansville, N.Y for its complete overhaul. 

This process is part of the NFTA Metro's Railcar Rebuild Program which began in 2006.   This rehabilitation program provides the necessary actions to rebuild, refurbish and replace nearly 90% of the equipment and components that make up our railcar fleet. 

"Each car has been completely gutted to a shell and the entire unit refurbished which includes new framing, flooring and various mechanical and safety improvements.   This overhaul process will help maintain our Metro railcar vehicles in a state of good repair, improve reliability, ensure operations and maximize the useful life of the cars.  We are about two-thirds through the process with the last refurbished railcar expected to be in service in late summer of next year." said Kevin Rogers, NFTA Metro's Manager of Rail Operations.   

Currently there are 19 of the refurbished cars in service on the Metro rail system and the remaining eight are in various stages of rebuild, which is anticipated to be complete in July 2019.