NFTA Transporter

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Welcome Brian McDonald

Brian McDonald has officially joined the NFTA's HSEQ division as an Environmental Engineer.  Brian’s role will focus around environmental compliance for all NFTA locations as well as related special projects.

Prior to coming to the NFTA, he worked as Project Manager for Environmental Resources Management in Rochester for seven years. Brian holds a Bachelor’s degree at Canisius College with a major in Environmental Science, and a minor in Political Science.

During his free time, he enjoys numerous outdoor sports.  He likes taking long treks on his bike, hiking through the Adirondacks, and skiing at Bristol Mountain Resort.  Brian is also looking forward to participating in the Buffalo Air Climb as part of the NFTA corporate team.  The event is hosted by the American Lung Association and includes a 35 flight (800 step) stairwell climb at the Seneca Tower building in downtown Buffalo on March 10.

If you haven't already, please give Brian a warm welcome - he is located at the downtown NFTA headquarter offices.