NFTA Transporter

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Metro Cold Spring Operators recognized for heroism

Operator Herrera (far L) and Operator Blackman (2nd from R)
pictured with Tom George, members of the TAPD team,
and Chief George Gast (far R)
On December 12, two of Metro's Cold Spring operators were recognized by the NFTA Transit Police Chief George Gast along with Metro's Public Transit Director Tom George for going above and beyond the call of duty.   

Metro Operator Hector Herrera was working the Utica line on October 30 when he noticed a small child along the road.  Operator Derrick Blackman had a similar incident on November 16, when he too noticed a small child with very little clothing near the road during his work run. Both operators contacted transit police during these situations and kept the children safe until they arrived.  Both toddlers were unharmed and faired extremely well due to the quick action of these operators.

The commendation from NFTA TAPD recognizes the ability to act effectively in a serious and possible life-threatening situation.  Thank you Mr. Herrera
and Mr. Blackman for your compassion and quick-thinking!