NFTA Transporter

Monday, December 4, 2017

Metro Operators Have a New Look

Current NFTA Metro Instructors
showcasing new uniform pieces
Many of Metro Bus and Rail Instructors as well as Operators are sporting new "threads" these days. 

Metro serves approximately 28 million passengers per year, and that means a lot of miles on the road.  Metro personnel are out and about everywhere and dealing with various  unexpected situations that may expose them to busy roadways and inclement weather are common.

In order to continue to keep the hard working men and women working within Metro and their passengers as safe as possible, the NFTA has initiated a system-wide uniform update. 

These new uniforms have a more contemporary style  and comfortable fabrics as well numerous high visibility identifiers on items from the waste up.  Also included is a new badge emblem on the right side of all sleeves (the side facing customers as they board Metro bus).

The new Metro uniform transition is expected to be complete system-wide by January 1, 2020.