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Friday, September 29, 2017

Officer Dave Zarbo and Metro's Claudia Benitez - A Great Team!

On September 17, Claudia Benitez, from Metro's Special Services Department, was walking into work like any other day.   However, little did she know that she was going to be recognized as a heroine by the end of the day.

Transit Police Officer Dave Zarbo had encountered a distraught woman that morning and was attempting to assist her, however, she did not speak English.  When Officer Zarbo saw Claudia, who is of Cuban descent and bilingual, he called out to her to see if she could help.  

Without hesitation, Claudia walked over and started talking with the woman in her native language.  After a heartfelt and successfully translated conversation, Crisis Services was called in and they were able to get the woman the help she needed.  Officer Zarbo said, "Claudia was such an asset in dealing with the woman in crisis.  She was respectful, caring and deserves a commendation for her tireless commitment to helping resolve a difficult situation."     

Here's to teamwork -- Congratulations Dave and Claudia for a job well done!