NFTA Transporter

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Kelsey Badaszewski has exciting news

Joining in the NFTA's Summer of Love celebration is the lovely young woman that greets employees and visitors at our headquarters daily, and with a brand new accessory on her left hand.  Yes - it's an engagement ring!  Kelsey has been dating Steve, her (new) fiance', for the past four years, which all began with an introduction from a friend at a country music concert!

Kelsey has been working as the receptionist at the NFTA since January of this year and has been well-regarded by all that have come in contact with her.  She has a wonderful welcoming personality and is adept at assisting visitors and customers quickly.  And, now she's the one that may need some help... you know with all the wedding details.

Kelsey is very excited about her engagement, and she is looking forward to what's ahead, both personally and in her professional capacity at the NFTA. 

Please help in congratulating Kelsey on this special occasion!