NFTA Transporter

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Stand Down for Public Transit

Patricia Wiseman, Metro's Supt. Special Services and
Amy Hughes, NFTA's Recruitment Manager
NFTA staff participated in the Annual Stand Down at Coca-Cola Field on June 23, 2017.  Hundreds of individuals, many of whom were veterans, attended the event.  On site were over 160 vendors showcasing a variety of services and resources available to veterans and disabled individuals.  Information was available on medical care, health screenings, transportation options, employment options and job search assistance, as well as counseling and legal advice, and much more.

Patricia presents to group at VA Hospital
Prior to this event on June 20, Patricia Wiseman, NFTA Metro's Superintendent of Special Services, spoke to a group of health care providers at the VA Hospital in Buffalo about public transportation options available to veterans and individuals with disabilities.

Patricia was excited about her participation and said, “Accessible transportation is a vital part of the services provided to many veterans; the ability to access the community is important in meeting basic needs. Metro's Paratransit Access Line (PAL) provides mobility options to work, school and recreation for eligible disabled veterans. I am happy to be a part of the array of services that assist our veterans."

We hope you many of you will join us again next year for these annual events!