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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Church Street Metro Rail Station Gets a Face Lift

Dennis, Dan, Mike & Floyd
Church Street Station
NFTA Metro consistently supports initiatives to help ensure that its transit centers and rail stations are safe, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing for riders.  As part of this continuing effort, a team of Metro employees represented by the ATU have been working tirelessly since mid May of this year to update the Church Street Rail Station which has included repair work, functional upgrades and painting.   

This effort is part of a phased plan that began in 2016 for station improvements along the rail line.  Last year, Lafayette station received a variety of upgrades including structural mends, new lighting and paint.  In addition, landscaping enhancements have also been made at LaSalle, Amherst and Delevan stations.

Some of the ATU employees involved in the work have included the following:  Dennis Ebert, Dan Fiorella, Mike Wachowski, Bill Mitchell, Floyd Harvey, John Conrad, Frank Kalstek, Jerry Pollutro, and Don Errington. 

This dedicated team has worked hard during inclement weather as well as on the hot and steamy days and should be commended for their hard work!   Thanks everyone.