NFTA Transporter

Thursday, June 29, 2017

NFTA Metro sponsors Community Night at Coca-Cola Field

NFTA Metro outreach staff at Coca-Cola Field
(ECC in background)
On Wednesday, June 28, NFTA Metro sponsored its annual Community Night at Coca-Cola Field. On the plaza before the game were various vehicles on display including a Metro CNG bus, Paratransit van as well as a Transit Police K-9 vehicle and a special vintage 1985 Transit Police Car accompanied by company representatives.

NFTA Transit Police Officer Dina Bigham,
showing the "cool car" to young brothers.
It was a pleasant 75 degree evening filled with lots of pre-game fun and  giveaways for families and individuals going to see the Buffalo Bisons face the Rochester Redwings.

Approximately 5,000 game-goers were in attendance, and a Metro lucky seat of the game prize pack was awarded during the second inning.

NFTA Metro thanks all of its riders for their continued support each year at this event as well as offers information on various services and programs. In addition, anyone wishing to board a vehicle has the opportunity to do so and some even choose to sit in the driver's seat. For more photos go to NFTA's facebook page.

See you all next year!