NFTA Transporter

Friday, June 23, 2017

Losing can be a good thing!

Not all participants are pictured.
In February of this year 14 NFTA colleagues got together and held their own version of "The Biggest Loser" contest which encompassed a self-managed nine week program with the winner being the person who lost the largest percentage of weight.

The final results were in on May 25, and the combined weight loss was 297.25 pounds. The proclaimed winner was Jason Abounader (center/front), who lost 46.25 pounds or a 15.95% loss. In second place was John Wojcik who lost 44 pounds or a 13.21% loss.

With this victory Jason said, "Although I did receive encouragement on tough days, I also got a lot of teasing from my fellow competitors. Apparently it was rumored that my weekends were only filled with pickles and adult beverages. Now, although I cannot say that was a complete untruth, I did work hard throughout the nine weeks, and it ultimately paid off. Winning was great, but the best thing is that I feel so much better physically."

A special recognition also goes to Gary Bennett (not in photo), who gained two pounds!

Congratulations to everyone involved - nice work!