NFTA Transporter

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Safety First

Chief George Gast at FMD
In conjunction with NFTA’s HSEQ Department, Transit Police Chief George Gast and his team have been offering active-shooter awareness training for employees. The elective one-hour sessions began last fall and were designed to address the importance of being theoretically equipped to act quickly should a live-shooter incident occur at the workplace.

About this safety initiative Chief Gast said, “Although we have a highly trained law enforcement team at NFTA, resources are finite and officers may not be present during an unpredictable and quickly evolving violent situation. Therefore, it’s critical for our employees to have the mental preparedness to react effectively on their own behalf in order to help lessen injuries and save lives should such an event occur on or around any of our properties.”

In addition to presenting valuable statistical data, included in the training is a live-shooter simulated video created by the FBI that highlights the “run, hide, fight” response system as well as other proactive actions that can be taken during an unexpected life-threatening situation. 

Thank you to everyone involved for bringing these informational sessions to all of us at NFTA.