NFTA Transporter

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Give it up for NFTA Fans!

First pitch by Eric Hernandez,
son of Misael and Marcela Hernandez.
NFTA Family and Friends’ Night at the ballpark was held Tuesday, August 9. It was a balmy 85 degree night with over 7,700 attendees at Coca Cola Field. The event was a great opportunity for authority employees and their families to come together while the Buffalo Bisons faced the Indianopolis Indians, to which our home team prevailed (9-3).

The game began with one of the first pitch’s being thrown by Eric Hernandez, son of Misael and Marcela Hernandez.  Eric did a great job and indicated that he appreciated the pep talk that Buster Bison gave him prior to stepping up to the mound.

Around the 4th inning it was Tom Kingston’s turn to take the field and participate in Metro’s own Target Toss promotion.  The game presents the opportunity for the “ball-thrower” to toss as many balls as possible into the target hole within a one-minute period.  Tom said, with a humble smile, “it was a lot of fun to be on the field, but it’s a bit harder than it looks because the balls are light.  I am happy that at least I was able to keep up with my NFTA colleagues who have done this in the past and sink two!”

Aiden Flynn, son of Lisa Flynn
Billy Lobuzzetta.
Later on, it was trivia time where the reigning champ, Billy Lobuzzetta, was challenged by Aiden Flynn (9), son of Lisa Flynn, who was very excited to compete.  Billy was able to walk away with yet another win, however, he graciously gave his prize to Aiden for being such a worthy opponent and having outstanding sportsmanship.

This was the NFTA’s 4th employee night at the ballpark and it was great to see over 50 individuals on behalf of the company support the event.  Hats off to next year’s game which will be held on a Thursday in July (exact date to be determined).