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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The 31st Annual Awards Luncheon

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The NFTA’s Service and Safety Awards luncheon was held Sunday, April 10, to recognize the exceptional performance records of Metro bus and train operators, and vehicle maintenance workers, as well as saluting employees who have reached their silver anniversaries.

Metro recognized 28 operators and maintenance personnel for safety records of 10 years. One bus operator passed 20 years of safe driving. Four operators achieved 30. Metro celebrated ten operators who have operated a Metro bus (or train) for 31 years or more without a single accident.

Eight employees enjoyed their 25th anniversaries with the NFTA.

Arthur Johnson, from Cold Spring Station, received an Extra Mile Award. In March, Arthur noticed a three-year-old child wandering in an empty field, alone and not dressed for the weather. He stopped his bus and brought the child on board. The child had been reported missing.

Kimberley A. Minkel, NFTA executive director said, “I continue to be amazed at the dedication and professionalism I see demonstrated everyday at the Authority. Safety and service records like these, make this event a true honor.”