NFTA Transporter

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Get Well Now

Linda Erickson and Dawn Wirth with
Marty Biron and Dominik Hasek
Our annual wellness fair was Wed. March 16 at the NFTA's Metropolitan Transportation Center, and included appearances by Sabres alumni Dominik Hasek and Marty Biron.

This year’s event also comprised over 40 vendors covering various aspects of health and well being:

  • Men and Women health care resources 
  • Three mini massage booths 
  • Vision testing and eye care information 
  • Credit repair information 
  • Esthetician/Skin care information 
  • Hand massages 
  • Hands on First Aid/CPR demonstration 
  • Family health care providers 
  • Senior care information 
  • Erie County Department of Health 
  • Community Volunteering information 
  • Veteran’s One Stop information 
  • Mental health counseling resources 
  • Promotional giveaways 
  • Healthy snack options 
  • Legal resources 
  • Discounted gym membership 
  • Personal health assessments 
  • Voluntary retirement account information 
  • Promotional giveaways 
  • Blood pressure and cholesterol screening 
  • Flu shots/ Ask the Pharmacist 

It was an outstanding event and special thanks need to go out the Employee Assistant Program’s Christine Farrow and Pennette Green for putting it all together – and for helping us all stay healthy for another year.