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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

An open letter from Honor Flight

Dear One and All:

The Board of Directors of Honor Flight Buffalo wish to extend our heartfelt appreciation for all you have done in order for us to operate 18 successful "Honor Flights" since June 2010.

The warm hospitality that all of you extended to the 500 plus members of our "Greatest Generation" is appreciated by all participants, as well as the entire Honor Flight Buffalo organization. Your sincere concern for the safety of all and your excitement in honoring our veterans provided infectious energy throughout the airport during "flight week" and especially during the departure and arrival of our special heroes!

Upon completing preliminary plans for the first flight, the remaining 17 flights hardly needed any advance planning because of your attention to detail and all around professionalism. We are grateful for the large space offered for the sendoff and welcome home ceremonies, the marquees throughout the airport welcoming HFB veterans, assistance with crowd control, hanging of HFB banners, ease of drop off and pick up for our precious veterans, electric carts upon arrival, the special water cannon salute, medical assistance in attendance in the event it was needed and your attendance at the very early morning late evening hours at all departures and arrival ceremonies.

All in all, we send you our sincere and heartfelt gratitude for attending to the needs of our Western New York WWII heroes and for always responding positively to all of our requests - including those "quirky" requests that helped to make the day special for our WWII heroes!

We will always be indebted to your candid offer of assistance throughout the six years that Honor Flight Buffalo took off from the BNIA. You all helped serve our "Greatest Generation" with dignity and respect that these heroes so richly deserve.

Hats off to all and many, many thanks for helping to make our jobs easier and eighteen Honor Flights a complete success!

With Kind Regards,

Lisa Wylie - President
Jo-Anne Wylie - Vice President
Dorothy Wylie Keough- Board Member
Debbie Watkins - Board Member
JR Watkins - Board Member