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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Metro Launches New Vehicles

Metro introduced its new line of compressed natural gas vehicles on Tue. Jan. 12, at a an unveiling at the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center. The buses, PAL vans and supervisor vehicles take advantage of new CNG technology, allowing Metro to use less gasoline, and put less pollution into the air, without compromising our quality of service.

Metro has begun operating the first of 44 full-size buses, the first of 10 paratransit vans and two MV-1 supervisor vehicles, all powered by clean burning, compressed natural gas. The new buses and vans will replace the oldest diesel vehicles currently in use.

The new 40-foot buses manufactured in Plattsburg, NY, by Nova Bus, feature modern interior design and lighting, an enhanced courtesy zone for boarding, increased window areas to maximize natural light, full stainless steel structure to provide industry leading safety and increased spacing to offer superior mobility device access.

The paratransit vans, manufactured in Canandaigua, NY, by Shepard Brothers, will be used to provide an average of 700 rides per day for the 5,945 approved registered customers with special needs who depend on Metro paratransit services for their transportation needs. Nine additional CNG fueled vans will be incorporated into operation by February 1.

The two MV-1 supervisor vehicles represent a new addition to Metro's fleet. They will provide Metro field supervisors with the unique ability to transport a customer with a mobility challenge, or someone using a wheelchair. This is a new service that Metro will now be able to provide to its customers to further enhance its service capabilities.