NFTA Transporter

Friday, October 16, 2015

Taking the lead at Metro

James Morrell, Jason Abounader, Rachel Maloney Joyner
This year three members of the Metro family have been selected for advanced leadership training. It is an honor for each, and it is also great news for the Authority. These three are not only learning to be better transit professionals, they are learning to make transit better right here at Metro.

Jason Abounader, manager of finance and administration, will spend this year working with the New York Public Transit Association’s Leadership Institute. The initiative provides training and mentoring for transit professionals. It includes visits to peer agencies across the state with the expressed goal of sharing information and best-practices.

Rachel Maloney Joyner, transportation planner, has started her year-long seminar with the American Public Transportation Association’s Early Career Program. One of only 25 selected from across the country, this is a national program dedicated to providing public transportation professionals with skills, knowledge, and networks. Rachel will visit other transit organizations around the country and bring back ideas and insights into what is working for other bus and rail systems.

James Morrell, deputy director - public transit, is participating in Leadership APTA, the American Public Transportation Association’s premier professional development program. This year-long course brings together senior executives in public transportation to, again, share and learn.

“We interact with the top of the public transportation world,” James explained. “And we return to our home agencies with functional skills and practical ideas.”

While congratulations are in order for Rachel, Jason and James, so is a big thank you. Studying transportation outside your job in transportation takes a lot of work and dedication. We all look forward to hearing about what you learn.