NFTA Transporter

Friday, October 30, 2015

Congratulations Edwin Jones

Metro operator Edwin Jones distinguished himself and all of Metro with his participation in the 2015 New York State Bus Roadeo in Rochester, NY, this past September. He was one of 21 participants from various transit agencies across the state to take part in the event.

Edwin, an operator for 10 years working from our Cold Spring facility, has been a “go to guy” when it comes to selecting an operator to operate a Metro bus when Governor Cuomo and other dignitaries come to Buffalo and need special transportation.

He has also been a valued member of Metro’s Safety Committee for the past five years and an instructor since 2012.

Edwin was presented his plaque by Kim Minkel, NFTA Executive Director and Vice-Chairman Henry M. Sloma and duly recognized for his efforts at the October board of commissioners meeting.

Congratulations Edwin for a job well done!