NFTA Transporter

Friday, September 4, 2015

NFTA Police save a life

NFTA Police officer Robert Bove and Lt. James Halliday
Last Saturday NFTA Transit Police officers Robert Bove and Lt. James Halliday were passing the Metropolitan Transportation Center when several people flagged them down. Someone had discovered an unconscious woman in the rest room. The officers responded immediately, finding a young woman not just non-responsive, but not breathing. They noticed a needle in her left arm. Officer Bove began sternum rubs while Lt. Halliday administered naloxone, a medicine that can counter the effects of some street drugs.

The woman’s eyes fluttered and she took several shallow breaths. Halliday delivered two more doses of naloxone until, finally, the woman regained consciousness. Rural Metro arrived and took the woman to the Erie County Medical Center.

Transit Police began carrying naloxone, also known by its trade name Narcan, in May. This was actually the second time Halliday has used it.

With training and quick thinking, Halliday and Bove saved a woman’s life. Here at the Transporter, we are proud to be on the same team.