NFTA Transporter

Monday, August 24, 2015

NFTA Night at Coca-Cola Field!

Friday, August 21, the NFTA held its third annual Family & Friends Night at Coca-Cola Field!  In addition to watching the Buffalo Bisons take on the Syracuse Chiefs, 14,500 baseball fans were also part of Zombie Night sponsored by Terror Technologies.  Scattered throughout the crowd were numerous
individuals adorning cool zombie gear including David State's daughter, Lily, and Lisa Flynn's children, Aiden & Landon (pictured).

The evening's on-field events began with one of the "first" pitches being thrown  by Barbara Thomas' grandson, Steven Finney, Jr., where he sent the ball flying toward home plate.  Later on, Louis Manolis and Billy Lobuzzetta
battled against each other in a fierce baseball
trivia competition where the two-time champ Louis finally had to give up his reign.  About his win Billy said, "Although my opponent was very strong, it was great to just be a part of such an interactive and fun activity at the game!  I am looking forward to next year."

Last but not least, Darren Kempner took the field for Metro's Target Toss and successfully hit the target twice.  Darren indicated that although he engaged in some light hearted pre-toss repartee
with Rachel Maloney, who participated in the event last year (and also sunk two baseballs), she was one of the first of his NFTA colleagues to congratulate him on a job well done!  The night concluded with an amazing post-game fireworks show.

Thank you to all of the employees, families and friends who attended the game.  Next year we hope to make the fourth annual NFTA Night just as much of a success!