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Monday, July 27, 2015

Metro Recognized at 22nd Annual ITS-NY Awards Ceremony

On June 11, NFTA Metro was recognized at the 22nd Annual ITS-NY Awards Ceremony held at the Gideon Putnam Hotel in Saratoga Springs.  Metro received its award in the category of “Traveler Information Systems” for its Transit Data Cloud project.

The Transit Data Cloud project aims to improve customer service with the implementation of a web based passenger information system. This system will supplement the real time arrival signs by providing real time bus and rail information over the web via: web browser, smart phone applications and tablet applications.

This is a pilot program that will require additional phases to enhance and expand the system’s capabilities and information provided to passengers.  The system will operate on a Transit Data Cloud supported by redundant data servers and will communicate to the Metro’s Intelligent Transportation System equipment using industry standard protocols. Because Metro owns the rights to this software, it can offer in whole or part of the information stored in the Transit Data Cloud to local developers wishing to create smart phone applications that will continue to benefit Metro riders.

About the recognition Metro's Public Transit Director, Tom George, said, “This award provides recognition that NFTA Metro continues to evolve, becoming a leader in the development and use of technology to provide an improved rider experience.”