NFTA Transporter

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Kelly Tough Team Beats the Rail

Kelly family crossing the finish line.
Saturday, May 30, NFTA Metro, in conjunction with Eclipse Multi-Sport and the Hunter’s Hope Foundation hosted the first inaugural Kelly Tough 12K Beat the Train Down Main promotion.

Executive Director Kimberley Minkel
points the way to Metro Rail
The inspiration for the Kelly Tough 12K resulted out of a food delivery by Buffalo Police Officer Dan Horan, owner of Eclipse Multi-Sport, to Jim Kelly’s home while he was recovering from chemotherapy treatments during last year’s November storm. Upon his visit, Jim learned of Dan’s expertise of organizing road races and told him about an idea the Kelly family had been discussing in an effort to raise money for the Hunter’s Hope Foundation and support the local community.

NFTA General Counsel David J. State
The idea included having runners race a Metro train down Main Street in the heart of thriving downtown Buffalo with the ultimate goal of beating the train. After meeting with Metro representatives, the idea became a reality and a detailed plan was set in place. On the day of the run there was an estimated 950 individuals in attendance, in addition to 120 volunteers. Three hundred seventy two runners crossed the finish line, of which 137 runners beat the special vinyl-wrapped train that included the names of the primary event sponsors. The run began at 11 a.m. near Metro’s University Station and concluded with an after-party near the Harbor Center.

It was a great day for Hunters Hope, which raised over $20,000, Eclipse Multi-Sport, the First Niagara Center and NFTA Metro. As a matter of fact, NFTA’s General Counsel, David State, participated as a runner and said, “The run itself was challenging, but it was so great to be involved in such an extraordinary event for this worthy cause!” 

We are all looking forward to next year.