NFTA Transporter

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Police formally thank rail operator Cespedes

Jose Cespedes and Chief Gast
Thursday, February 12, NFTA Police Officers and Detectives made an arrest of a suspect wanted for a grand larceny, which took place on January 31 of this year. The police feel they were able to make the arrest as a direct result of the identification of the suspect by Metro Rail operator Jose Cespedes.

The department had previously released a Be on the Lookout notice to all train operators system wide, to assist in identifying the suspect. While on duty that February day, Jose, who has been an operator since December of 2011, noticed the suspect on his train and alerted transit police. The police responded and were able to arrest the individual based on Jose’s alert observation.

Jose was presented a Certificate of Appreciation by George W. Gast, Chief of the NFTA Transit Police Department for his quick and observant efforts, which resulted in removing a criminal from our streets, making them safer for all of us.

Nice job Jose!