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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

New Cars on the Block

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As of 1 p.m. January 23 automobiles are back on the 600 block of Main St. sharing the road with Metro Rail, reversing restrictions that began in 1979. The 700 block was revised in 2009, and construction on the 500 block is underway, continuing a push to return cars to all of Main St.

The 600 block of Main runs from Tupper to Chippewa and includes Shea’s Performing Arts Center and the Market Arcade. Access to businesses and buildings in this section has increased, but that is not the only improvement. The streetscape is fresh and more appealing. It continues the enhancements begun on the 700 block: trees, bike racks, maps, signage, upgraded streetlights.

Metro Rail has taken the opportunity to make some improvements of its own. As NFTA Executive Director Kimberley A. Minkel explained, “The numerous enhancements to the streetscape will complement the $6.65 million investment made by the NFTA to install new track and new concrete panels to enhance our riders traveling experience.”

Work continues on the stretch between Chippewa and Mohawk streets. The city hopes to eventually see automobile traffic on all the way to Scott St.