NFTA Transporter

Friday, October 31, 2014

Let it snow

Exec. Dir. Kimberley Minkel with the Airfield Crew. Click to view more.
The Airfield crew at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport held an open house Thursday, Oct. 30. The big machines are ready for whatever winter throws at us this year and the award-winning team that drives and maintains the plows, blowers and sanders is eager to crank them up.

The average annual snowfall at the BNIA is 94 inches. Last year, we received 32.5 inches over that, making the winter of 2013-14 the seventh worst on record. Buffalo was only closed for five hours. With the 14,300,000 sq. ft. to clear, that is an amazing accomplishment. And it has been noticed.

The BNIA has hosted an annual snow symposium for the last 29 years. Airport personnel from all over the world come to learn how to deal with ice and snow. They come to learn from the best. The Buffalo Airport has won the Col. Brent Balchen Award, a national award presented to airports for outstanding achievement in snow and ice control, six times.

Which is why the NFTA called for the open house. The men and women of the airfield crew only toot their own horns from the cabs of the trucks. It was time to show off the dedicated team and all they do for the community and say ‘thanks’ to everyone for keeping the runways safe.

Old Man Winter, bring it on.