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Monday, July 14, 2014

Take me out to the ball game...

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Thursday, July 10, the NFTA held its second annual Family Night at Coca-Cola Field! A combined 80 individuals made up of employees, family and friends came out on a beautiful 75 degree evening to see the Buffalo Bisons play the Durham Bulls.  The night got off to a great start with two “first” pitches thrown by Metro bus operator and local hero, Darnell Barton, and Nick Kurtz, the newest member of the Human Resources Department.  Although both men did very well, it was their individual pre-throw grandstanding that was the highlight for their fellow NFTA fans! 

Later on in the evening Mary Padasak from the NFTA’s Health/Safety Department and Louis Manolis of Central Files enthusiastically went head-to-head in a Jumbotron trivia contest with the winner (Louis) receiving a Bisons T-shirt.  About her involvement Mary said, “What I enjoyed most was being able to take part in a fun-filled event on behalf of the NFTA; winning would have just been secondary.” 
Last but not least on the list of NFTA employee contestants for the evening was Service Planning’s Rachel Maloney.  Rachel participated in Metro’s on field target toss where she adeptly and impressively hit the mark twice!  

Thank you to all of the employees, families and friends who attended the game; next year we hope to have a third annual NFTA Family Night and make it an additional success!