NFTA Transporter

Monday, April 21, 2014

Want to get more involved in One Region Forward but don’t have time to attend a meeting?

Text It Forward is a new engagement campaign launched by One Region Forward, a regional planning effort in Buffalo Niagara. The campaign utilizes an SMS-based survey tool that allows citizens to text their responses to questions that will inform One Region Forward’s planning team.

One Region Forward, a three year regional planning initiative, has set out to find more sustainable ways for Buffalo Niagara to grow its economy, building communities, travel, produce food, and meet the challenges of climate change.

So far, thousands of citizens across the region have weighed in at various fairs, festivals, farmers markets, community events, presentations, and large, interactive public meetings called “Community Congresses,” to chart a more sustainable course for Buffalo Niagara over the next forty years. However, for those that have not been able to attend some of these special events, One Region Forward hopes to engage these underrepresented populations by bringing engagement opportunities to them through Text it Forward.

As a proud partner in this new initiative, NFTA will be placing interior print ads within its entire bus fleet, at approximately 50 bus shelters located throughout the city and region, as well as at various Metro stations. These ads will feature a brief synopsis of what One Region Forward is and what it hopes to accomplish, along with a starter question that will prompt individuals to TEXT their answer to the number given. The results for each month’s poll are available online and in real-time; adding to the overall transparency of the campaign.

Perhaps what’s most exciting about the rollout of local campaigns like Text It Forward is their ability to redefine public engagement and participatory decision making. Mobile technology is helping us move away from a linear one-way system of meetings toward a circular two-way system of continual conversation and feedback that seeks to build a true partnership between a government and its citizens.

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