NFTA Transporter

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Safety and Service Awards 2014

The 29th Annual Safety and Service Awards luncheon was held Sunday, April 6, at the Protocol Restaurant to recognize NFTA employees who had achieved various milestones in their careers. Executive Director Kimberley Minkel, was on hand to honor employees. She was joined by NFTA Board Vice Chair Henry M. Sloma and Commissioners Philip G. Wilcox and Margo Dawn Downey.

This year 10 operators and maintenance staff were honored for 10 years of safe operation, five employees for 20 years and three operators were recognized for 30 years of driving without an accident. An additional seven operators were honored for more than 30 years safe driving. The Authority thanked 19 individuals for 25 years of service.

This Metro extended its program with Extra Miles Awards given to 10 individuals for going above and beyond their jobs.

Congratulations to everyone. (Click on the photo to see the whole slideshow.)