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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bus Operator Rhonda Cox-McKnight, "Gurl on Fire"

Bus Operator Rhonda (Rhonni) Cox-McKnight who works out of Babcock Station has been managing her job at NFT Metro as well as a media career for almost eight years. Rhonda indicated that people have often inquired how she got into the television business. She credits the late Sammy “Pee-Wee” West who worked as an independent producer at the Apollo Media Center for providing her with her first big break years ago as the host of his show, 15 Minutes of Fame and Fortune. Rhonda said, “Pee-Wee thought that I had the untapped natural ability to become a television host. Because of this, he gave me my first chance to shine.”

While maintaining her position on Fame and Fortune, Rhonda also started hosting talent shows at the Upton Theater where participants from the ages of 5 through 95 would perform. Because of the local popularity of these shows, there were often representatives from Jive Records and WBLK on hand to scout for talent. However, once Rhonda was hired as a bus operator in 2006, she was no longer able to stay involved with these time-intensive shows.

Although she continues to enjoy her job at Metro, Rhonda recently fulfilled her goal of obtaining her production license. As a result, she now has her own weekly one-hour talk show entitled “Gurlz on Fire,” which airs on the Time Warner network on Friday nights. The show is designed to educate, empower, and inspire women of all ages. Rhonda hopes to one day take her talk show to prime time to continue to showcase women whom are achieving great things!