NFTA Transporter

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Another act of heroism by a Metro employee

On a frigid day in Buffalo, while traveling on the 190 North near the Peace Bridge exit, Bus Supervisor Antoine Moore, noticed a car was stuck on the railroad tracks on the opposite side of the thruway. He proceeded to turn around and investigate. When he arrived on the scene, he climbed over the fence that was between the highway and the railroad tracks and found an elderly woman who was stuck in her car on the tracks.

Antoine immediately called Metro Control and told them to notify Police and the railroad company to see if they could shut down the tracks. After verbally reaching out to the woman to see if he could help her, she told him that she was afraid to leave her vehicle because her husband would be upset with her for getting stuck. After much persuasion by Antoine, the woman finally agreed to leave her car. Antoine carried her down a steep snow bank to his truck where she could rest and warm up until additional help arrived.

The Buffalo Police were able to safely remove the woman’s car from the tracks. The woman (82 years old) told the Police that she was from Syracuse and while out for a ride didn’t realize where she was, and ended up getting stuck on the tracks. She was extremely grateful for Antoine’s help and said he saved her life.