NFTA Transporter

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Operator Saves Man's Life

You never know what each new dawn will bring your way. That statement rang true to veteran Metro bus operator Don Deperto, while driving his bus along South Park Avenue during the early morning of Friday, January 10.

It was dark, snowing, windy and cold, as Don, a 30-year operator, proceeded along his route in Buffalo where he usually picks up a friendly, outgoing passenger at Euclid Place. But as Don approached the stop he was not there. Or was he? Based on an experienced operator’s intuition and good intentions Don glanced back one more time into his side mirror to see if his passenger was indeed there.

It was then that he saw a person laying face down, motionless on the sidewalk in the snow. Don proceeded to stop his bus and go to the aid of the person who turned out to be his stricken passenger. The man was unconscious. Don immediately called 911 to request medical assistance and an ambulance soon arrived and transported him to a local hospital.

The gentleman, later identified as Kevin Betty had apparently suffered a seizure on his way to catch his daily transport that bitter-cold morning. It’s safe to say that without Don’s “sixth sense” and quick reaction, Mr. Betty might not have survived the elements.

In recounting the events of that day, Don said, “I’m not sure if it was divine intervention or what that told me to look again to see if he was there. But I’m sure glad I did. I’m sure glad it did.” And so is Mr. Betty.

Congratulations Don for your life saving response.