NFTA Transporter

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

NFTA Detectives, Officers Honored

Captain Chris Chiodo, Det. Kevin Schilling,
Det. Craig Palladino, Agent Brian P. Boetig
Several members of the NFTA Transit Police Department received special recognition last week from the Federal Bureau of Investigation for their outstanding work and cooperation in helping to maintain security at the Buffalo and Niagara Falls airports.

FBI Buffalo Division Special Agent in Charge Brian P. Boetig presented certificates of appreciation from the Director of the FBI to NFTA Transit Police Department Detectives Kevin Schilling and Craig Palladino at a ceremony on December 4.

NFTA Transit Police Captain Chris Chiodo also accepted a certificate on behalf of all the NFTA Transit Police Officers assigned to the department's Airport Division.

"It's a huge honor," NFTA Transit Police Chief George Gast said following the ceremony. "This type of recognition shows the quality of the officers in our department as well as the importance of interagency cooperation in maintaining homeland security."

Schilling and Palladino are the two NFTA police detectives currently assigned to both the Buffalo Niagara International Airport and the Niagara Falls International Airport.

"Both men are extremely competent detectives and good interviewers when conducting investigations," said Chief Gast. "Their skills were demonstrated recently following a theft at the Niagara Falls airport. They thoroughly investigated the incident and were able to get a confession following an interview of a suspect."

Gast also pointed out the importance of all the NFTA Transit Police Officers working at the two airports.

"The officers are the 'points of the spear,' so to speak of our operations at the airports," Gast said. "They are working diligently on a daily basis as the most visible part of our airport security and initiate a lot of the investigations that take place in our terminals."

Gast stressed the importance of continuing to work closely with FBI and other law enforcement agencies in helping to maintain security at the BNIA and NFIA.

"Airports are a primary focus in the fight against terrorism and it is vital that we maintain a strong relationship with the FBI and all the agencies involved in homeland security to ensure that our airports in Buffalo and Niagara Falls are safe and secure," Gast said.