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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

United Way Bake Sale Raises Over $450

Gary Davison, from Graphics, in the middle of things
NFTA employees demonstrated their love of both a good cause and a good dessert at the United Way Bake Sale held Tuesday at the MTC.

"Today's bake sale was a big success and I'd like to thank our wonderful captains along with everyone who volunteered their time and efforts," said Annmarie Kelley, NFTA Human Resources Administrator and United Way Representative.

Kelley said the three-hour bake sale at the MTC raised roughly $300, while a second bake sale at the South Park Rail Station raised over $50. All items for the sale were donated by NFTA employees, and virtually all of the desserts and baked goods were homemade.

"We had a wide selection of delicious items, and a lot of them went very quickly," said Kelley. "The very first item to sell out was a wonderful red velvet cake made by the "Donna Danner Bakery."

Other popular items -- which all sold for a dollar apiece -- included apple pie, banana pudding, cupcakes, cookies, chocolate chip bread, chocolate covered pretzels and cheesecake mousse.

Ruth Alford at the Yards and Shops
In all, nearly two dozen people donated desserts for the fundraiser. "Thanks to everyone involved for making this a success," said Kelley, who hopes to make the sale an annual part of the NFTA's United Way fundraising activities. "And thanks to all the generous people who bought items at the sale."

All proceeds from the sale went to the United Way.