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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Tim Horton's Opens To Brisk Business

The new Tim Horton's inside the NFTA's Metropolitan Transportation Center has been open for a little over a week now. And -- in homage to the company's famous advertising campaign -- the rrrestaurant appears to be a rrraging success!

"Business has been good so far," said Manan Varda , owner and operator of the Tim Horton's at the MTC. "We have had a very positive response and are already getting a pattern of regular customers."

The cafe and bake shop officially opened for business on November 8 and has indeed been welcomed by a steady stream of customers in its first week.

"I like it! It's really nice having a place inside the bus terminal where you can go for a cup of coffee and some breakfast. Especially when you are spending a long time waiting for a bus transfer," said Sven Perleth, one of several customers enjoying a bite to eat in front of Tim Horton's on Tuesday morning.

Perleth stopped for a coffee and bagel while waiting for a bus back to St. Catharine's, Ontario, after a weekend trip to Philadelphia.

"On the trip down to Philly, we came here because we couldn't really find a place to eat outside the terminal," Perleth said. "Tim Horton's is a good place to go for a meal, so we are back again today."

Tim Horton's is the first chain restaurant to operate in the MTC in over a decade. Varda says he hopes to take advantage of the terminal's "unique, crossroads" location and cater to a wide variety of customers including Metro operators who can purchase a nice cup of coffee or a bite to eat while they are on scheduled breaks.  

"This restaurant will not only serve travelers at the bus terminal but also regular customers in the neighborhood including NFTA employees," Varda said. "We expect to get a lot of students from ECC, as well."

The new Tim Horton's is open 24-hours-a-day, seven days-a-week, and currently employs about 20 people. Varda says, despite its smaller size, it serves a full menu of breakfast and lunch items: " you can get anything on the regular Tim Horton's menu at this location."

And, yes, the Tim Horton's at the MTC will also participate in the popular "Roll Up the Rim" promotion, which will start up again this March.

Varda says he's very appreciative of the business he's received so far from the NFTA. "I'd just like to thank everyone for the opportunity to do business here. It's been a big win so far for everyone involved."