NFTA Transporter

Monday, October 21, 2013

Art and Music on Metro

Sugar City, an active and innovative producer of local art and music events, teamed up with the NFTA on Saturday, October 12 for Ride the Metro Round and Round; an unprecedented artistic event taking place along Metro’s 6.4 mile track.

The excursion began at University Station around 7 p.m. and continued all the way to Erie Canal Harbor Station and then back again. After boarding the train and paying their fare, riders were able to get out at various stops along the way to experience a variety of music, art, and other performances. Some of the performers included rap artist Jack Toft, “ear-plug worthy” Gas Chamber, and art by Caitlin Cass, Candace Camuglia and Marissa Lehner to name a few.

There was an estimated 300 participants in tow for this novel event. NFTA Transit Police Officers Michelle and David Krezemien were also along for the ride to be sure everything went as smoothly as possible. Officer Michelle Krezemien said, “It was a unique and entertaining evening within our Metro rail system, and I am hopeful that we can be a part of something like this again next year."