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Friday, August 9, 2013

Our Tough Mudders

In order to raise money for the Wounded Warriors Foundation, on July 27, ten BNIA firefighters and their family members competed in the first Western New York hosted Tough Mudder challenge in Andover, New York. The layout of the obstacle course was originally designed by Special Forces to test individuals' all around strength, stamina and grit.

This endurance event is the ultimate test of mental and physical strength, pushing participants to complete 20-25 obstacles over a 10 mile-long stretch. Some signature obstacles include electroshock therapy, where contestants must sprint through a muddy maze of live wires, each carrying around 10,000 volts of electricity and climb Everest, a mud-slicked quarter pipe. The participating BNIA firefighters' met the challenge head on and their temporary pain and suffering was for a good cause; with proceeds going to the Wounded Warriors Foundation.

A special shout out goes to Joel Eberth, Dave Basinski, Seth Biedron, Jessica DeVinney, Jessica Strom, Roger Roll, William Flynn, Mark Wojnar, Mike Guerra and William Locher for your courageous participation and generosity. Great job everyone!