NFTA Transporter

Monday, August 5, 2013

A Taste of Metro

NFTA-Metro's very own James Morrell, Manager of Planning, and Rich McDermott, Manager of Operations, have a longstanding history of contributing to the Taste of Buffalo's remarkable success. James, the longest tenured logistics committee member, assists the team with schedules, and develops, implements and ultimately takes down the entire event. James plays a crucial role in ensuring that vendors, tents, carts, water, radio system and a variety of other factors are in place for this weekend-long event. James stated, "I am very pleased that the logistics committee was able to assist in making the 2013 Taste of Buffalo another successful event."

Rich held the Chair of Security position this year, guaranteeing that the appropriate safety measures were in place. The security committee coordinates efforts with the Buffalo Police Department, U.S. Security and other federal law enforcement agencies. The dedication of these agencies is demonstrated by their round-the-clock efforts, working through the night during the two-day event to maintain the site's security. With over 400,000 attendees, Rich stated, "All in all, we were able to keep the attendees of the Taste of Buffalo safe and secure, giving families peace of mind to enjoy themselves."

Approximately ten additional NFTA-Metro employees generously volunteered their time, aiding in achieving both committees' goals. Congratulations to the entire NFTA-Metro/Taste of Buffalo team!