NFTA Transporter

Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Makeover at Cold Spring Station

A dedicated team of Cold Spring Station employees is nearing completion of a unique bus refurbishment project under the direction of David Rugg, Bus Maintenance/Equipment Manager. Four, 30-foot fuel efficient buses have been undergoing a cosmetic makeover, including full coats of green paint accompanied with gold decals designed to emulate the look of the 40-foot trolley buses currently used on Route 55T in Niagara Falls. Metro’s trolley buses have a distinctive look and appeal to riders. The overhaul was a way to add additional trolleys back into our current fleet while keeping authority costs down by not having to purchase new vehicles.

Dave Rugg stated, "Many members of our talented Cold Spring team have worked tirelessly balancing the tasks involved in this significant undertaking and have continuously displayed an admirable willingness to meet all challenges the project entailed." Dave also indicated that although numerous individuals have been involved in the project, special acknowledgements should go to the following employees: Tom Lloyd, decal work; Dan Garvin and Tom Carney, painting; John Sebastian, body work; Ken Schaefer, passenger doors; Pat O'Melia and Norm Urbaniak, access door panels and Dave Pliszka, bumper modules.

Three of the four buses are almost complete and will be ready for the road soon. Congrats to everyone involved!