NFTA Transporter

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Future of Transportation

As a part of University at Buffalo's National Summer Transportation Institute (NSTI), 21 high school students visited various NFTA locations in order to learn about the multiple facets of a career in the transportation industry. Made possible by a grant from the Federal Highway Administration, the NSTI encourages students to explore various careers within this industry through the exposure of today's practices, along with the opportunity to converse with transportation professionals.

The extended field trip included a tour of the NFTA's Cold Spring Garage on July 9, where students were able to capture a behind-the-scenes perspective of Metro operations and maintenance. On July 11, the students visited the BNIA where they received a comprehensive tour of the airport, including a special sightsee of the Federal Aviation Administration and the air control tower.

Thank you to the NFTA employees that assisted in making this field trip possible and best of luck to the students in their transportation pursuits!