NFTA Transporter

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Serving up a commendation

Operator Linda Mucha and
Cold Spring Operations Mgr. Chris Antholzner 

As Metro Bus Operator Linda Mucha achieves retirement, she has received an endearing letter of gratitude for excellent customer service from her self-proclaimed “biggest fan,” Richard Cianciosi.  Mr.  Cianciosi bonded with Linda during bus trips to and from ECC North where he was attending classes in pursuit of a career in food service.  Linda’s previous experience in the industry seemed almost fateful, and he came to consider Linda his unofficial mentor.

Richard attributes his academic success to Linda’s never-ending fortitude.  He states, “Words cannot express my gratitude for your support and what you helped me achieve at ECC North.”

Further, their mutual fondness for chicken fingers strengthened their bond as Richard continued, “As I think about it, the conversations over chicken fingers were a drop in the bucket compared to what you were doing to help me.”  Mr. Cianciosi’s personal struggles and exhausting days of attending full-time classes while working part-time have finally paid off as he continues to pursue his dreams of becoming a Chef Instructor by preparing for his master’s program at Buffalo State College.

The primary purpose of Richard’s letter was to assure that Operator Mucha was aware of the sizeable impact she had on his life, and he will forever be grateful for her professionalism and thoughtfulness.