NFTA Transporter

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Operator lends a helping hand

On the morning of April 2, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Banks of Buffalo were driving on Kenmore Ave. where they witnessed a wonderful act of kindness by a Metro employee.

Operator Laquesha Sanders out of Frontier Station was driving a Route 5 Metro Bus toward Delaware approximately 10:45 a.m. She noticed a man on a nearby sidewalk who appeared to be distressed. Laquesha carefully pulled her bus to a halt and exited to see if she could be of help. She determined that the man was visually impaired and had lost his orientation because he had dropped his cane. Laquesha quickly found it and helped the man get safely back on his way. Then she was back on her bus and off doing her job.

Mr. and Mrs. Banks were so moved they took the time to contact Metro and make sure Laquesha received a proper commendation. And on behalf of everyone at the Authority, Thank You Laquesha Sanders for your compassion and thoughtfulness.