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Thursday, April 18, 2013

And the Intern Supervisor of the Year award goes to . . .

Lisa M. Piecki, communications & advertising specialist, is one of UB’s Intern Supervisors of the Year, 2012.  Only three supervisors out of hundreds were selected. Lisa was recognized last week at a reception held at UB’s Career Resource Center.

The award honors intern supervisors who go beyond a successful program and contribute to the development of young professionals.  After eight years and nearly 50 interns, Lisa has received thanks and praise from students, educators and even parents for the work she’s done preparing young people for the job market.  The award nicely reflects the care and attention she has brought to the program over the years.

The marketing-based experiential learning program Lisa manages involves the entire Authority, giving students exposure to a wide variety of projects and initiatives.  If you know of a college student studying marketing or advertising, don’t hesitate to send her a note.  She’s always looking.

(Pictured: Tom George, director of surface transportation; Lisa Piecki, communications & advertising specialist; Vicky Brunette, deputy general counsel; Karen Novo, director of human resources; Christine Farrow, superintendent of special services)