NFTA Transporter

Thursday, October 18, 2012

PAL helps a lost child

7:30 AM, Oct. 11: Paratransit Operator Ann McLaughlin drove down Fillmore, passing an empty parking lot, when a woman attempted to flag her down. Paratransit is not a stop-on-demand service, so this would not be the way Ann picked up a customer. She could tell something was wrong, though. She stopped and noticed a toddler running around the lot, not fully dressed. The temperature outside was just above freezing.

Ann called Paratransit Control and explained the situation to ADA Controller Michelle Oliver. Ann brought the child onto her bus, while Michelle called the Transit Police. Ann kept the child safe and warm while the police tracked down the toddler’s grandfather.

Ann and Michelle stepped outside their usual roles and used their skills to help a child in need. For your caring and sensitivity, on behalf the NFTA, please accept a big, huge thank you.