NFTA Transporter

Monday, June 18, 2012

Metro Adds 14 Hybrid buses

“Its always great day when you can present a $8.6 million investment to the community,” Chairman Howard A. Zemsky said at today’s roll out of 14 new hybrid buses. The new clean diesel electrics will replace an equal number of the oldest conventional diesel buses operating in Metro’s fleet of 307, bringing the hybrid total up to 98.

Metro was one of the first transit agencies in New York State to introduce hybrid buses in 2006, when 30 hybrids were first placed into service. Metro has continued to purchase hybrids because it’s socially responsible (reducing air pollution and our dependency on foreign oil) but are because of dramatically lower operating costs based on improved fuel consumption and a decrease in maintenance costs. Metro has reduced its annual fuel consumption by 297,513 gallons, saving $750,000 cumulatively. Additionally, Metro has reduced its oil consumption by 3,755 quarts per year, saving $6,118. Making this reduction even more significant is the fact that Metro has added 589,306 miles of service per year.

New buses are also great for riders. As Eunice A. Lewin, NFTA commissioner and Chairwoman of the Surface Transportation Committee pointed out, “These buses are, in almost every way, superior to the ones they are replacing. Quieter, more comfortable, more reliable and more fuel-efficient.”

And they still have that new bus smell.