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Friday, March 30, 2012

Transit Police Officers Honored

On Sunday March 25TH, 2012 the Cheektowaga Police Department held its annual awards banquet to recognize its members for their outstanding professional standards and achievements.

This year, two NFTA Transit Police Detectives were recipients of one of these awards. Detectives Kevin Schilling and Craig Palladino received an award to honor their accomplishments for assisting the Cheektowaga Police Department in their efforts in fighting the war on illegal drugs sales and narcotics trafficking.

Our Detectives have worked alongside Cheektowaga Police Narcotics Detectives for the past eight years, investigating various criminal activities involving narcotics. As a result, Detectives Schilling and Palladino using their skills and network of informants have been instrumental in over 100 narcotics related arrests and seizures of over 1,500 pounds of Marijuana along with various quantities of Cocaine, Heroin, Ecstasy, and Methamphetamine. Detectives Schilling and Palladino have also been instrumental in seizing large amounts of narcotics generated currency and illegal firearms. Detectives Schilling and Palladino have been assisted in their investigations by NFTA Police Officer Thomas Kolbert and his narcotics trained K-9 Deuce.

Detective Kevin Schilling is a 28 year veteran of the NFTA Police Department and Detective Craig Palladino has served the Department for the past eight years. Both Detectives are assigned to the Police Department’s Aviation Division at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport